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  Military Modelling April 1972

Atten-Shun Review

Jacklex 20mm Ranges
We had a chance recently to examine a handful of new figures from the Jacklex 20mm range available from the Model Shop, Harrow. Our samples included three from the American Civil War and one from the Indian Army regular series. They come in pre-painted by the Model Shop, Harrow and as you can see from the illustrations, look extremely well; the mouldings are some of the nicest we have seen in this small scale and the detail is better than most. Stances and positions are pretty standard but they are good enough to display as military models in their own right, quite apart from their obvious value on the wargames table. Very nice little figures and excellent value at 8p for foot figures and 18p mounted. There is a complete range available, including Colonial, Indian Army, Zulu and Indian Frontier subjects - contact Harrow for lists.

From left to right:
JA8 RebelInfantryman standing firing, JA9 Federal Officer with sword and pistol,
BC4 Bengal Lancer and JA12 Rebel Trooper.

  Military Modelling July 1972

Atten-Shun Review

Jacklex 20mm WWI Range
From the Model Shop, Harrow, new World War 1 subjects from Jacklex for both British and German infantry. The retail at 80 each and have some particularly attractive attitudes including figures standing and firing, throwing and running at the trail.

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