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  Colonial Period 1890-1900
B1 Officer Marching
B2 Officer Firing Pistol
B3 Infantry Lying Firing
B4 Infantry Kneeling Firing
B5 Infantry Standing Firing
B6 Infantry Advancing
B7 Infantry Running with separate rifle
B8 Infantry Marching
B9 Highland Officer Marching
B10 Highland Officer Firing Pistol
B11 Highland Infantry Lying Firing
B12 Highland Infantry Kneeling Firing
B13 Highland Infantry Standing Firing
B14 Highland Infantry Advancing
B15 Highland Infantry running with separate rifle
B16 Highland Infantry Marching
B17 Indian Regular Army Officer Marching
B18 Indian Regular Army Officer Firing Pistol
B19 Indian Regular Army Infantry Lying Firing
B20 Indian Regular Army Infantry Kneeling Firing
B21 Indian Regular Army Infantry Standing Firing
B22 Indian Regular Army Infantry Advancing
B23 Indian Regular Army Infantry running with separate rifle
B24 Indian Regular Army Infantry Marching
B25 Indian Infantry (Punjabi) On Guard
BC1 Cavalry Officer
BC2 Cavalry Lancer
BC3 Cavalry Trooper with sword
BC4 Bengal Lancer

Naval Brigade
N1 Sailor Advancing
N2 Sailor Standing Firing
N3 Sailor Running with separate rifle
N4 Officer Firing Pistol
N5 Sailor Marching
N6 4.7inch Gun Crew Marching
N7 4.7inch Gun Crew Firing
N10 Naval Gardner Gun and Crew
N11 Naval Gatling Gun and Crew
N12 Naval Mule Drawn Gardner Gun and Crew
N13 Naval Mule Drawn Gatling Gun and Crew
N14 4.7inch Naval Gun and Eight Ox Team and Crew Set
N15 4.7inch Naval Gun
N16 Eight Ox Team and Limber

Colonial Equipment etc.
C1 Colonial Gatling Gun and Crew
C2 Colonial Six Mule Mountain Gun and Indian Army Crew Set
C3 Colonial Six Horse Field Gun and Limber Set
C4 Colonial Four Horse Supply Wagon
C5 Colonial Mule Draw Maxim Gun and Crew
C6 Colonial Field Gun
C7 Mountain Gun
C8 Colonial Gun Crew
C9 Indian Army Gun Crew
C10 RHA Gatling Gun and Crew
C11 Army Mule Drawn Gatling Gun and Crew
C12 Colonial Mountain Gun and Indian Army Crew

Zulu War - Zulus
ZZ1 Chief
ZZ2 Zulu Carrying Assagai
ZZ3 Zulu Throwing Assagai

Zulu War - British
BZ1 Officer Marching
BZ2 Officer Firing Pistol
BZ3 Infantry Lying Firing
BZ4 Infantry Kneeling Firing
BZ5 Infantry Standing Firing
BZ6 Infantry Advancing
BZ7 Infantry Running with separate rifle
BZ8 Infantry Marching 

Sudan Campaign - Egyptian/Sudanese
E1 Sudanese/Egyptian Infantry Advancing
E2 Sudanese/Egyptian Infantry Firing
E3 Sudanese/Egyptian Officer
E4 Sudanese/Egyptian Cavalry Lancer
E5 Sudanese/Egyptian Cavalry Officer
E6 Egyptian Camel Corps Trooper
E7 Egyptian Camel Corps Officer

Sudan Campaign - Dervish/Fuzzy Wuzzys
F1 Hadendowah Swordsman
F2 Handendowah Spearman
F3 Banja-Benamir Swordsman
F4 Jihadia Rifleman
F5 Jihadia Swordsman
F6 Jihadia Spearman
F7 Standard Bearer
F8 Baggara Swordsman on Camel
F9 Baggara Rifleman on Camel
F10 Baggara Standard Bearer on Camel
F11 Baggara Cavalry Swordsman
F12 Baggara Cavalry Rifleman
F13 Baggara Cavalry Standard Bearer

Indian Frontier Tribesmen
T1 Chief
T2 Tribesman Lying Firing
T3 Tribesman Kneeling Firing
T4 Tribesman Standing Firing
T5 Tribesman with sword and shield
TC1 Cavalry Chief
TC2 Cavalry Charging with sword
TC3 Cavalry Charging with rifle
TC4 Cavalry Charging with rifle slung

Boer Army
BW1 Infantry Standing Firing
BW2 Infantry Kneeling Firing
BW3 Infantry Lying Firing
BW4 Infantry Running with separate rifle
BW5 Infantry Advancing
BW6 Infantry Horse Minder
BW7 Cavalry Horseman with rifle
BW8 Cavalry Horseman Firing rifle

Boer Period Equipment etc.
BS1 Voortrekker Wagon and Boers
BS2 Boer Settler walking with rifle
BS3 Boer Woman Settler walking
BS4 Boer Girl Settler walking

American Civil War
JA1 Federal Infantryman Advancing
JA2 Rebel Infantryman Advancing
JA3 Federal Infantryman Marching
JA4 Rebel Infantryman Marching
JA5 Federal Infantryman Running, rifle at trail
JA6 Rebel Infantryman Running, rifle at trail
JA7 Federal Infantryman Standing Firing
JA8 Rebel Infantryman Standing Firing
JA9 Federal Officer with sword and pistol
JA10 Rebel Officer with sword and pistol
JA11 Federal Trooper Mounted
JA12 Rebel Trooper Mounted
JA13 Federal Officer Mounted
JA14 Rebel Officer Mounted
JA15 Federal General Mounted
JA16 Rebel General Mounted
JA17 Federal Lancer Mounted
JA18 Federal Infantry Kneeling Firing
JA19 Rebel Infantry Kneeling Firing
JA20 Federal Dismtd. Cav. Kneeling Firing with separate sword
JA21 Federal Dismtd Cavalry Standing Firing
JA22 Federal Dismtd Cav. Kneeling Loading with separate sword
JA23 Rebel Dismtd. Cav. Kneeling Firing with separate sword
JA24 Rebel Dismtd Cavalry Standing Firing
JA25 Rebel Dismtd Cav. Kneeling Loading with separate sword
JA30 Jeb Stuart Mounted

American Civil War Equipment etc.
JA100 ACW Gun and Limber Set
JA101 ACW Gun Crew
JA102 ACW Gun
JA103 ACW Limber
JA104 ACW Six Mule team Supply Wagon

Japanese Army 1900
J1 Officer
J2 Infantry Standing Firing
J3 Infantry Running with separate rifle
J5 Infantry Advancing
J6 Cavalry Trooper
J7 Cavalry Officer

Russian Army 1900
R1 Infantry On Guard Position
R2 Infantry Standing Firing
R3 Infantry Running with separate rifle
R4 Infantry Advancing
R5 Officer Firing Pistol
R6 Cavalry Trooper Mounted
R7 Cavalry Officer Mounted
R8 Cossack Lancer Mounted
R9 Cossack Officer Mounted

French Foreign Legion
FL1 Infantry standing firing, separate back pack
FL2 Infantry advancing firing, separate back pack
FL3 Officer
FL10 Mule Company (Legionaire marching and Legionaire on mule)

World War One
H1 German Infantry running with separate rifle
H2 German Infantry advancing
H3 German Infantry standing firing
H4 German Infantry bomb thrower
H5 German Officer firing pistol
H? German MG and crew
H6 British Infantry advancing
H7 British Infantry running with separate rifle
H8 British Infantry standing firing
H9 British Infantry bomb thrower with separate rifle
H10 British Officer firing pistol
? Thoneycroft Lorry
? St Charmond Mk1 Tank

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