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20mm Range

* indicates that the figure was originally an Alberken casting designed by Peter Gilder.

British Napoleonic
BN 1 Line Infantry on Guard *
BN 2 Line Infantry Officer *
BN 2P1 Portuguese Cacadores officer 6th Battalion
BN 2P2 Portuguese Cacadores officer 5th Battalion
BN 3 Rifleman on Guard *
BN 4 Rifles Officer *
BN 5 Line Infantryman Firing *
BN 6 Highlander on Guard
BN 7 Line Infantryman Lunging
BN 7P1 Portuguese Cacadores 6th Battalion
BN 7P2 Portuguese Cacadores 5th Battalion
BN 8 Highland Officer
BN 9 Highlander Advancing
BN10 Artilleryman Carrying Bucket (Foot) *
BN11 Foot Artilleryman Holding Rammer *
BN12 Foot Artilleryman Holding Ball *
BN13 Foot Artilleryman Firing Gun *
BN14 Guard on Guard
BN15 Guard Advancing
BN16 Guard Officer
BN17 Fusilier on Guard
BN18 Fusilier Advancing
BN19 Fusilier Officer
BN20 Line Infantryman Advancing
BN21 Line Infantry Officers with Colours
BN22 Light Infantryman Advancing
BN23 Light Infantryman Firing
BN24 Line Drummer Boy
BN25 Line Infantryman Kneeling
BN26 Line Infantryman on Guard
BN27 Line Infantryman Advancing
BN28 Marine Advancing
BN29 Marine Officer
BN30 Horse Artilleryman Carrying Cannister Shot
BN31 Horse Artilleryman Holding Rammer
BN32 Horse Artilleryman Firing Gun
BN33 Horse Artilleryman Sighting Gun
BN34 Rocket Artilleryman Carrying Rocket
BN35 Light Infantry Officer
BN36 Highland Piper
BNC 1 British Hussar *
BNC 2 Royal Scots Greys *
BNC 3 British Heavy Dragoon
BNC 4 British Light Dragoon
BNC 5 Line Infantry Mounted Colonel
BNC 6P1 Household Cavalryman – Life Guards
BNC 6P2 Household Cavalryman – Horse Guards
BNC 7 Mounted Horse Artilleryman

Brunswick Napoleonic
BrN 1 Infantryman on Guard
BrN 2 Infantryman Advancing
BrN 3 Infantryman Firing
BrN 4 Infantry Officer
BrNC 1 Hussar

Dutch Belgian Napoleonic
DBN 1 Infantry on Guard
DBN 2 Infantry Advancing
DBN 3 Infantry Officer

Nassau Napoleonic
NN 1 Grenadier on Guard
NN 2 Grenadier Advancing
NN 3 Grenadier Firing
NN 4 Grenadier Officer

French Napoleonic
FN 1 Line Fusilier Running *
FN 1a Line Fusilier on Guard
FN 2 Line Fusilier Officer *
FN 3 Line Fusilier Firing (Forage Cap) *
FN 4 Line Fusilier Officer (Forage Cap) *
FN 5 Line Chasseur Firing *
FN 6 Line Chasseur Officer *
FN 7 Line Chasseur Advancing *
FN 8 Line Fusilier Advancing *
FN 9 Polish Voltigeur Advancing *
FN 10 Line Foot Artilleryman Holding Trail Spike *
FN 11 Line Foot Artilleryman Firing Gun *
FN 12 Line Foot Artilleryman Carrying Bucket *
FN 13 Line Foot Artilleryman Holding Rammer *
FN 14 Polish Voltigeur Officer
FN 15 Line Grenadier Advancing
FN 16 Line Voltigeur Advancing
FN 17 Old Guard Grenadier on Guard
FN 18 Old Guard Grenadier Advancing
FN 19 Old Guard Grenadier Officer
FN 20 Young Guard Voltigeur Advancing
FN 21 Young Guard Tirailleur Advancing
FN 22 Young Guard Voltigeur Officer
FN 23 Young Guard Tirailleur Officer
FN 24 Line Infantry Officer in Cocked Hat
FN 25 Line Voltigeur Officer
FN 26 Line Infantry Eaglebearer
FN 27 Line Grenadier Officer
FN 28 Line Grenadier Firing
FN 29 Line on Fusilier on Guard
FN 30 Line Fusilier Advancing
FN 31 Guard Foot Artilleryman Holding Trail Spike
FN 32 Guard Foot Artilleryman Firing Gun
FN 33 Guard Foot Artilleryman Carrying Ball
FN 34 Guard Foot Artilleryman Holding Rammer
FN 35 Guard Horse Artilleryman Carrying Cannister
FN 36 Guard Horse Artilleryman Holding Rammer
FN 37 Guard Horse Artilleryman Firing Gun
FN 38 Line Horse Artilleryman Carrying Cannister
FN 39 Line Horse Artilleryman Holding Rammer
FN 40 Line Horse Artilleryman Firing Gun
FN 41 Line Drummer Boy
FN 42 Guard Sapeur
FN 43 Line Sapeur
FN 44 Line Fusilier Kneeling
FNC 1 Line Chasseur a Cheval *
FNC 2 Guard Grenadier a Cheval *
FNC 3 Cuirassier *
FNC 4 Guard Scout Lancer *
FNC 5 Line Hussar *
FNC 6 Guard Mamaluke *
FNC 7 Line Dragoon
FNC 8 Polish Guard Lancer
FNC 9 Line Light Horse Lancer
FNC 10 Line Infantry Mounted Colonel
FNC 11 Dutch Guard Lancer
FNC 12 Line Hussar (Bell Top Shako)
FNC 13 Chasseur a Cheval of the Guard

Austrian Napoleonic
AN 1 Hungarian Line Fusilier on Guard *
AN 2 Hungarian Fusilier Officer *
AN 3 Hungarian Line Grenadier on Guard *
AN 4 Hungarian Line Grenadier Officer *
AN 5 Hungarian Line Fusilier Advancing
AN 6 Hungarian Line Fusilier Firing
AN 7 Hungarian Line Grenadier Advancing
AN 8 Tyrolean Jager Firing
AN 9 Tyrolean Jager Advancing
AN 10 Austrian Foot Artilleryman Holding Ball
AN 11 Austrian Foot Artilleryman Holding Rammer
AN 12 Austrian Foot Artilleryman Holding Trail Spike
AN 13 Austrian Foot Artilleryman Firing Gun
AN 14 Tyrolean Jager Officer
AN 15 Hungarian Line Fusilier Standard Bearer
AN 16 Hungarian Line Grenadier Standard Bearer
ANC 1 Austrian Dragoon
ANC 2 Austrian Cuirassier
ANC 3 Austrian Uhlan
ANC 4 Austrian Hussar

Prussian Napoleonic
PN 1 Line Grenadier on Guard
PN 2 Line Grenadier Advancing
PN 3 Line Grenadier Firing
PN 4 Line Grenadier Officer
PN 5 Line Musketeer on Guard
PN 6 Line Musketeer Advancing
PN 7 Line Musketeer Firing
PN 8 Line Musketeer Officer
PN 9 Line Grenadier Standard Bearer
PN 10 Foot Artilleryman Holding Ball *
PN 11 Foot Artilleryman Holding Rammer *
PN 12 Foot Artilleryman Holding Trail Spike *
PN 13 Foot Artilleryman Firing Gun *
PN 14 Line Fusilier Advancing
PN 15 Line Fusilier Firing
PN 16 Line Fusilier Officer
PN 17 Line Musketeer Standard Bearer
PN 18 Guard Grenadier on Guard
PN 19 Guard Grenadier Advancing
PN 20 Guard Grenadier Officer
PN 21 Guard Grenadier Standard Bearer ?
PNC 1 Dragoon
PNC 2 Hussar
PNC 3 Uhlan
PNC 4 Cuirassier

Russian Napoleonic
RN 1 Line Grenadier on Guard *
RN 2 Line Grenadier Advancing
RN 3 Line Grenadier Firing
RN 4 Line Grenadier Officer
RN 5 Line Musketeer on Guard *(RN7)
RN 6 Line Musketeer Advancing *(RN5)
RN 7 Line Musketeer Firing *(RN6)
RN 8 Line Musketeer Officer *(RN2)
RN 9 Line Grenadier Standard Bearer
RN 10 Foot Artilleryman Holding Ball
RN 11 Foot Artilleryman Holding Rammer
RN 12 Foot Artilleryman Holding Trail Spike
RN 13 Foot Artilleryman Firing Gun
RN 14 Line Jager Advancing
RN 15 Line Jager Firing
RN 16 Line Jager Officer
RN 17 Line Musketeer Standard Bearer
RN 18 Pavlov Guard Grenadier Advancing *(RN3)
RN 19 Pavlov Guard Officer *(RN4)
RNC 1 Cossack *
RNC 2 Imperial Guard Cuirassier *
RNC 3 Bashkir *
RNC 4 Hussar
RNC 5 Dragoon

Napoleonic Staff
NSC 1 British Mounted Staff Officer (cocked hat fore and aft) *
NSC 2 British Mounted Staff Officer (cocked hat sideways) *

Napoleonic Personalities
Duke of Wellington
Earl of Uxbridge
General ‘Daddy’ Hill
General ‘Top Hat’ Picton
Prince Eugene
Marshal Murat
Marshal Ney

Napoleonic Artillery
NFA 1 French 9lbs Field Gun *
NFA 2 French 5.5ins Field Howitzer *
NFA 3 French 24lbs Siege Howitzer *
NFA 4 British 9lbs Field Gun
NFA 5 British Limber
NFA 6 French Limber
NFA 7 British Rocket Launcher
NFAH 1 Limber Horse Pulling
NFAH 2 Pack Horse

British Colonial
BC 1 British Infantryman Advancing *
BC 2 British Infantryman Firing *
BC 3 British Infantry Officer *
BC 4 Highlander Advancing *
BC 5 Highland Officer *
BCC 3 17th Lancer charging

African Colonial
ZC 1 Zulu of the Antelope Regiment *
ZC 2 Zulu of the Elephant Regiment *
ZC 3 Zulu of the Leopard Regiment *
SC 1 Fuzzi Wuzzi *

Indian Colonial
CI 1 Bengal Infantryman Advancing
CI 2 Gurkha Infantryman Advancing
CI 3 Afghan Tribesman Advancing
CI 4 Indian Sudhina Infantryman Advancing
CC 1 Bengal Lancer Trotting
CC 2 Moroccan Cavalryman Charging
CC 3 Afghan Cavalryman Charging

Colonial Artillery
CFA 1 Field Gun
CFA 2 Gatling Gun
CFA 3 Small Mountain Howitzer
CFA 4 Mountain Set of 4 Mules with Barrel wheels Body Pack

American Civil War
ACW 1 Regular Infantryman Advancing
ACW 2 Regular Infantry Officer
ACW 3 Zouave Advancing (Kepi)
ACW 4 Regular Infantry Firing
ACW 5 Berdan Sharpshooter Firing
ACW 6 Marine on Guard
ACW 7 Regular Infantryman on Guard (Hardy Dress)
ACW 11 Confederate Infantryman Advancing
ACW 12 Confederate Infantry Officer
ACW 13 Confederate Infantryman Firing
ACWC 1 Regular Cavalrymen Charging (Kepi) *
ACWC 2 Confederate Cavalryman Charging (Slough Hat) *
ACWC 3 Confederate cavalryman (slouch hat and pistol)

Mal 1 Marlburian Musketeer Advancing (Tricorne Hat)
Mal 2 Marlburian Musketeer Firing (Tricorne Hat)
Mal 3 Marlburian Musketeer Officer (Tricorne Hat)
Mal 4 Marlburian Grenadier Advancing (Mitre Hat)
Mal 5 Marlburian Grenadier Firing (Mitre Hat)
Mal 6 Marlburian Grenadier Marching or Throwing Grenade
Mal 7 Marlburian Grenadier Officer
Mal 8 Marlburian Drummer
MalC 1 Marlburian Dragoon Charging (Tricorne Hat)
MalC 2 Marlburian Horse Grenadier Charging
MalC 3 Marlburian Cuirassier Charging
MalC 4 Mounted Dragoon

These figures first appeared in autumn 1966. In 1968 when the S range ancient figures were launched the 20mm figure selection was renamed the JonBee range in honour of the designer John Braithwaite. They disappeared shortly afterwards possibly because Braithwaite had launched his own Garrison range.

AA 1 Noble, full mail, firing bow
AA 2 Standard bearer
AA 3 Light infantry throwing spear
AA 4 Heavy archer firing bow
AA 5 Light archer firing bow
AA 6 Heavy slinger
AA 7 Light spearman
AA 8 Light archer
AA 9 Light swordsman
AA 10 Standard bodyguard swordsman
AA 11 Standard bodyguard clubman
AA 13 Assyrian charioteer
AAC 1 Mounted spearman, armoured
AAC 2 Mounted archer

AP 1 Officer on guard with sword
AP 2 Standard bearer
AP 3 Immortal with spear
AP 4 Light infantry standing with spear
AP 5 Light infantry charging with spear
AP 6 Light archer firing bow
APC 1 Mounted spearman
APC 3 Camel archer with shield

AR 1 Tribune advancing with sword
AR 2 Centurion with sword
AR 3 Eagle bearer advancing
AR 4 Legionary advancing with spear
AR 5 Legionary standing with spear
AR 6 Legionary charging with spear
AR 7 Light infantry with javelin
AR 8 Archer firing bow
AR 9 Light infantry slinger
AR 10 Praetorian guard spearman
AR 11 Praetorian guard swordsman
AR 12 Light infantry swordsman
AR 13 Roman spearman, throwing
AR 14 Roman auxiliary
ARC 1 Mounted spearman

AE 1 Pharaoh firing bow
AE 2 Standard bearer
AE 3 Heavy infantry charging
AE 4 Light infantry charging
AE 5 Light archer firing
AE 6 Charioteer
Egyptian Chariot (For use with Airfix horses)

AG 1 Chief charging
AG 2 Standard bearer
AG 3 Heavy infantry with sword advancing
AG 4 Light infantry with sword
AG 5 Light swordsman
AG 6 Archer
AG 7 Swordsman with winged helmet
AG 8 Spearman with winged helmet
AG 9 Spearman
AGC 1 Mounted spearman with shield
AGC 2 Mounted javelinman

AGr 1 Officer throwing spear
AGr 2 Hoplite advancing with spear
AGr 3 Hoplite charging with spear
AGr 4 Phalanx hoplite with long spear
AGr 5 Light archer firing bow
AGr 6 Macedonian phalangite
AGr 7 Peltast
AGr 8 Spartan hoplite throwing spear
AGr 9 Slinger with shield
AGrC 1 Mounted spearman with shield

AM 1 Standard bearer
AM 2 Heavy spearman advancing
AM 3 Heavy swordsman
AMC 3 Cataphract

N 1 Norman advancing with spear
N 2 Norman heavy archer
N 3 Norman light archer
N 4 Dismounted knight with sword
N 5 Dismounted knight with spear
NC 1 Norman Knight with spear and shield

A 1 Anglo-Saxon axeman, fyrd
A 2 Anglo-Saxon spearman, fyrd
A 3 Anglo-Saxon swordsman, fyrd
A 1 Standard bearer

AB 1 Officer with mace
AB 2 Standard bearer
AB 3 Heavy spearman
AB 4 Heavy swordsman
AB 5 Heavy archer firing bow
AB 6 Heavy archer, helmeted
AB 7 Javelinman
ABC 1 Heavy cavalry
ABC 2 Light mounted archer

A further 11 cavalry figures were added including Huns, Goths and Mongols unfortunately we have not yet been able to find further details

As with the Ancients our knowledge of this range is scanty at best. If you have a listing let us know.

M 1 Dismounted knight with two-handed sword
M 2 Dismounted knight with spear
M 3 Crossbowman firing
M 4 Halbardier standing
M 5 Halbardier thrusting
M 6 Axeman attacking
MC 1 Mounted knight with lance
MC 2 Mounted knight with sword
PMC 1 Polish Lancer
RMC 1 Russian Lancer
GMC 1 Goth horseman
PMC 2 Persian Lancer
HMC 1 Hun bowman
MMC 1 Mongol horseman
TMC 1 Turkish horseman

English Civil War
ECW 1 Musketeer firing
ECW 2 Pikeman receiving
ECW 3 Pikeman thrusting
ECW 4 Pikeman advancing
ECW 5 Officer with sword
ECWC 1 Cavalier trooper with sword
ECWC 2 Roundhead trooper with sword

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